Jump Cups Are Made Of Wood

Readers beware. It would be dishonest to stick to this highlight. Because the fact remains that horse jump cups are still being made from plastic materials. But it can only be a matter of time before these are phased out in its entirety. There is a good reason for this. Do read on.

Sure enough, the memo is getting around to those who need it. Specialist veterinary surgeons and horse trainers are advising against the use of plastic jumps and cups. They say that plastic is quite damaging to the horse’s limbs should it ever make firm contact with the obstacles. There’s a conundrum at play here and it’s still full credit to the horse’s ability to memorize previous events. You see, it knows from past experience that these plastics can hurt it somewhat.

And in the process, it hesitates to make the move or jump. And in that process of hesitation, it unfortunately goes on to hurt itself, somewhat unnecessarily as it turns out. No such damage or obstacles need prevail if the horse trainer and rider are using wooden jump cups, wooden fences and the like. Just as long as it’s all made of wood, everything turns out just fine. And it looks quite fine and dandy too.

The showjumping audience will love it. The wooden fences are quite characteristically pleasing to the eye. You have seen the shows before. It also looks so much nice when you’ve decorated them with flowers. And don’t now go and use these florals to hide the plastic from the horses. Because the thing is, their sense of smell is still so much better than yours. And in this sense, if you will, they can smile danger from a mile off.

horse jump cups

Never mind close range and all.

horse jump cups