There is no denying that puppies are cute, adorable, and so cuddly sweet.  It’s those qualities that pets use to win their way into our hearts. When you want to add the love of a new puppy to your home, there are tons of breeds to select from. Take a look at the awesome akc schnauzer puppies and see if they warm your heart the way they do the rest of us. Perhaps this is the puppy breed that belongs in your home. Read below to learn 4 great reasons to bring this puppy home today!

1.  Feisty, But Affectionate

The Schnauzer is a dog that is very loyal, loving, and affectionate to its owner although each one has its own personality and temperament. The dog breed is also very feisty and doesn’t mind doing what it takes to get the attention of its owner when it doesn’t get what it wants.

2.  A Celebrity Favorite

Celebrities love their portable dogs and the Schnauzer Is definitely a dog that is ready to go wherever you want.  You’ll find many celebs with Schnauzer pets, so if you want to follow in the footsteps of the people that you love, maybe it is time to add this breed to your life. Celebs with Schnauzers include

3.  Popular Breed

In the American Kennel Club dog popularity rankings of 189 breeds, the Schnauzer rans #17, where #1 is most popular.  This is a breed that people love. They’re adorable, fun, and the life of the party!

4.  Active Lifestyle

akc schnauzer puppies

This dog breed is one that wants to be included in all of the family activities and loves to play games. He has a lot of energy that he is ready to burn off and is always up to play a nice, fun game with his owner. If you can commit to being active, this is the pet that will fit in perfectly with the family.

akc schnauzer puppies